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Photo by Aaron Sharpsteen / Sharpsteen Studios

Siobhan (shiv-awn) is a Vancouver-based professional cook and baker with a background in environmental science. SIOFFON (shi-fon, just like chiffon cake) started as a creative outlet in 2021, inspired by a couple of special cake orders from friends, and has grown into a small business! 


The focus of Sioffon is producing really good cake, pastry, and bread, most of which just happens to be vegan or gluten free. You can find Siobhan September through December at the Downtown Vancouver Farmer's Market and in NW Portland at the Slabtown Outdoor Market. Schedule updates are shared on Instagram @sio.ffon.

Books are currently open for custom orders, with some date exclusions. Please note: custom orders can only be fulfilled on Fridays and require a minimum of 7 days notice. Submit your request below, including date and any allergies/dietary restrictions. I will respond within 48 hours with additional details. Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out!

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a mostly Plant-based bakery

vancouver washington

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