NEWS! Vancouver Farmer's market & SPRING PASTRY BOX

In May 2021, I put on my first solo pop-up event, hosted by the amazing  Fast Penny Spirits Distillery. That first pop up led to four more and now, one year and over 100 cakes later, I am proud, excited, and nervous to announce that SIOFFON is officially a small business: a queer-, woman-owned and operated micro bakery specializing in custom cakes and plant-based pastry.


I was lucky to find the folks running the Second Mile Marketplace, a community food hub and commercial kitchen. I am thrilled to be one of their newest tenants. In June, I will be vendor in the East Vancouver Farmer's Market and perhaps a couple of other local markets in Clark County!

This curated pastry box is way to celebrate my own hard work of the last year and to share with you some of the results. It is a preview of what I will be working to bring to my local community this summer!

This pre-order event  is also a means of generating some revenue as I launch this tiny business. Between start up expenses and the rising food costs, every dollar counts. I have included an entirely optional additional tip/donation option. If you choose to add the support, you will also receive some sweet snail mail from me.


Fast Penny Spirits is hosting me again on Saturday May 21 so I can bring these pastries to you. Come by to say hello and enjoy a cocktail!